How The Good Neighbor Podcast Works

The Interview:

  1. Our podcast is a relaxed, conversational interview-style format that requires no preparation and provides you a platform to spotlight your company.

  2. Guests receive the interview questions well in advance. The same questions are used for every interview. You can also listen to any of our hundreds of Good Neighbor Podcast episodes to get a feel for the questions.

  3. The interview is conducted over the Internet, like a Zoom session. It is an audio recording, NOT a live broadcast.

  4. Our interview guests receive a copy of their podcast interview audio file along with their customized company branded logo badge and social media graphics. We make sharing your story on your website, social media, and via email... simple, fast, and easy!

The Reach: Who Listens To Your Good Neighbor Podcast Interview?

  1. Good Neighbor Podcast is promoted to all of our local community social media followers!

  2. Good Neighbor Podcast is listened to on all the major podcast platforms including Apple iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, and over a dozen more!

  3. Our website, receives thousands of local visitors weekly.

  4. Google Search... it's very likely your podcast episode will show up on Google when local residents are searching for a service you provide!

Is There A Cost To Participate?

NO. The Good Neighbor Podcast started in April 2020 during the Covid shutdown to help local businesses get their unique stories out to the community while they waited for the uncertain future to unfold.

Because of the strong interest from the business community to continue the show, the Good Neighbor Podcast has lived past Covid and is on a mission to get every local business story on the show.

Good Neighbor Business Owner Profile:

Positive influencers with an emphasis on good business practices and community engagement.

The producers of the Good Neighbor Podcast Delco seek nominations of local businesses that appeal to our audience of good people in good neighborhoods seeking to buy quality services and products, from local trusted businesses. If you’re a business owner (or know one) in Delaware County, PA (Delco) And Beyond..., chances are there is a compelling story to share. Contact us or use the "Book Your Interview" link to be a scheduled guest for an upcoming podcast episode.

How To Book Your Interview

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