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Rich Trotter and Rosati Ice: Serving Up Sweet Success with a Scoop of Community Spirit

March 23, 20241 min read

Discover the flavor of nostalgia and innovation with Rich Trotter who shares the tasty tale of more than a century of success which his company, Rosati Ice has developed since being founded in 1912, in this episode of the Good Neighbor Podcast. As the owner of this business that's cooled generations of taste buds, Rich gives us an inside scoop on how Rosati Ice began as a Philadelphia-born brand that grew up in Clifton Heights, Delaware County, PA. As one of the most refreshing, truly "Delco" brands it has expanded its reach to other states all across America and into the hearts of health-conscious consumers.

Our Delco Good Neighbor Podcast host Bob Blaisse is thrilled to speak with Rich Trotter about his decision to purchase this much-loved Delco brand and how his leadership has allowed Rosati Ice to adapt and thrive, transforming from a simple Italian ice cart in 1912, into a national phenomenon that always ranks high as a guilt-free pleasure in school cafeterias and family freezers alike.

This isn't just a tale of frozen treats; it's a story woven with threads of community and compassion. Listen and learn how the dedication of Rich Trotter transcends business, melding the sweetness of Rosati Ice with the warmth of success and philanthropy as a Good Neighbor Business. With commitments to vendors and consumers that ripple well beyond good taste, to a century of legacy goodness and generosity that impacts lives with good taste and smiles globally. Sit back, grab a spoon and ready your heart for an episode that's as refreshing as a cup of Rosati's finest – a testament to the spirit of true entrepreneurship and community partnership.

Call: 610-626-1818

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