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Fred Amrein of Pay For Ed : Charting a Course Through College Financing and Beyond

March 12, 20241 min read

In this episode of the Good Neighbor Podcast, Fred Amrein, Founder and CEO of Pay For Ed, demystifies the emotional and fiscal odyssey of funding a college education, highlighting the power of informed debt structuring, smart asset utilization through tools like 529 plans, and the art of balancing education expenses with consideration of equally important retirement planning. Whether you're a parent charting a course through the costs of higher education or a student seeking a beacon amidst loan repayment options, this conversation is a lighthouse in the stormy seas of college financing.

Listen and understand why Bob Blaisse awards Fred Amrein the Good Neighbor Award and this opportunity to share his mission to steer individuals, families and even financial consultants away from industry scams on the financial journey of higher education planning and funding and towards the true tax advantages which are possible but sadly are lesser known and can result of taking from their retirement savings to pay for the college education of their children to risk of their ability to retire when planned. 

By listening in to this episode of the Good Neighbor Podcast,  you'll garner expert advice on intertwining tax preparation with student loan repayment strategies, uncover the importance of your tax filing status, and learn how to avoid common pitfalls that can derail your financial goals. Join us for an episode brimming with actionable solutions and expert insights to arm yourself for the challenges of securing a successful financial future intertwined with educational aspirations.

Website: payfored.com
Call: 610-978-3100

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