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Teresinha Faria's "Honey, Fix It Inc" A Story of Home Renovation Triumph

Teresinha Faria's "Honey, Fix It Inc" A Story of Home Renovation Triumph

June 21, 20242 min read

What does it take for an immigrant woman to break through in the male-dominated home contractor industry and achieve the American dream? Listen to this episode of The Good Neighbor Podcast with host Bob Blaisse and you'll learn how Teresinha Faria, or Teresa as she is also known, became the trailblazing force behind "Honey, Fix It Inc.," a thriving home remodeling service in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Teresa opens up about her unique journey from Brazil to Pennsylvania, her battles and her triumphs in the world of contracting, and how she built a business that has become a trusted name for homeowners in search of a trusted home contractor. Listen as this home remodeler shares her passion for creating beautiful, functional spaces and the special bond she forms with clients, in some cases women who prefer discussing their home improvement needs with another woman who is the home contractor.

In this heartfelt episode, you'll hear about Teresinha Faria's deep connection with her community of Media, Pennsylvania, fondly known as "Everybody's Hometown" and how the support by the residents and businesses of her hometown has been a cornerstone of her success since 1998. From bathroom makeovers to large-scale home additions, Teresinha's dedication to her contractor craft and resilience in a challenging industry she helped change, are truly inspiring. This episode of The Good Neighbor Podcast wraps up with a touching conversation between Teresinha Faria and host Bob Blaisse, reflecting on the power of community and gratitude, and a warm invitation to be part of the Good Neighbor family. Don't miss this empowering story of hard work, passion and the pursuit of excellence in home renovation.

Honey Fix It, Inc.
(610) 361-0484

--- About The Show--- Good Neighbor Podcast is a spotlight on local businesses in and around Delaware County, PA (“Delco” ) and Beyond... The executive producer and host, Bob Blaisse, is a community sponsorship advocate, business branding specialist, and publisher of several hometown magazines, including: Newtown Square Friends & Neighbors, Marple Friends & Neighbors and Newtown Edgmont Friends & Neighbors, mailed monthly to more than 12,000 homes in Western Delaware County, PA, and also available for reading online.

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