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Meridith Coyle’s ANEU Kitchens: Using "Craveable" Food for Better Health And Wellness

Meridith Coyle’s ANEU Kitchens: Using "Craveable" Food for Better Health And Wellness

June 13, 20242 min read

What if you could transform your love for food into a thriving business while promoting wellness and healthier living? In this episode of the Good Neighbor Podcast, our Host Bob Blaisse interviews Meridith Coyle, the culinary pioneer and entrepreneur who turned her personal mission of making "craveable" food be nutritious, into a successful venture with her ANEU Kitchens. Meridith's story is a heartfelt journey from farmers' markets to her first brick-and-mortar store, driven by her experience of her father's illness and her goal to make comfort foods healthier for overall wellness. Hear how the success of her mission has led to multiple ANEU Kitchens, serving delicious meals and snacks, to catering and even QVC.

Get ready to meet the wellness guru behind the kind of nutrition you crave: "YEU On-The-Go Bites, Meridith Coyle's innovative line of snack bites with adaptogens, certain herbs, roots and other plant substances that can help manage stress and restore when also combined with other delicious and all-natural ingredients that redefine healthy snacking. You'll hear Meredith walk us through the creation of these gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free snacks, designed to keep you full and energized without a sugar crash. While listening, you'll discover why the mission behind ANEU Kitchens is making waves with Meridith's multiple retail locations in Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Jersey Shore.

This episode of the Good Neighbor Podcast is packed with inspiration and practical advice for anyone looking to make healthier food choices or to explore entrepreneurship in the food industry.

ANEU Kitchens
Paoli, PA and Wayne, PA
Ocean City, NJ and Margate, NJ
"YEUSnacks On-The-Go Bites

--- About The Show--- Good Neighbor Podcast is a spotlight on local businesses in and around Delaware County, PA (“Delco” ) and Beyond... The executive producer and host, Bob Blaisse, is a community sponsorship advocate, business branding specialist, and publisher of several hometown magazines, including: Newtown Square Friends & Neighbors, Marple Friends & Neighbors and Newtown Edgmont Friends & Neighbors, mailed monthly to more than 12,000 homes in Western Delaware County, PA, and also available for reading online.

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