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Kim Wright's Nothing Bundt Cakes: Baking up a Five-Store Sensation with Sweet Community Connections

April 04, 20242 min read


Ever bitten into a dessert so divine you just had to share the experience? That's the kind of joy Kim Wright, the entrepreneurial spirit behind Nothing Bundt Cakes in Springfield, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, delivers daily. In this episode of the Good Neighbor Podcast with host Bob Blaisse, Kim Wright shares her scrumptious journey from a single Wynwood, PA to now a five-store success as a franchisee of Nothing Bundt Cakes in just five years. You'll get the inside scoop on how Kim's 'first bite stories' create an indelible connection between her cakes and her customers, and the navigation required during the tricky tides of a pandemic that put a temporary halt to the beloved tradition of in-store sampling.

As this episode switches gears to the heartwarming side of Kim's woman-owned business, Bob explores what it means to be a Good Neighbor Business in the bustling community of Springfield, Delaware County, PA and beyond Delco into Montgomery County, PA, and Chester County PA.  And it's not just about cakes; it's about connections. Listen to how business entrepreneur Kim Wright has baked her way into the hearts of her community as a testament to the power of local businesses fostering camaraderie and lasting bonds. You're about to be served up a taste of entrepreneurial spirit.  don’t pass on this opportunity to celebrate the local businesses that make our neighborhoods sweeter.


--- About The Show--- Good Neighbor Podcast is a spotlight on local businesses in and around Delaware County, PA (“Delco” ) and Beyond... The executive producer and host, Bob Blaisse, is a community sponsorship advocate, business branding specialist, and publisher of several hometown magazines, including: Newtown Square Friends & Neighbors, Marple Friends & Neighbors and Newtown Edgmont Friends & Neighbors, mailed monthly to more than 12,000 homes in Western Delaware County, PA, and also available for reading online.

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